Fred and Linda Wilkes

Having owned dogs of different breeds all our lives, We did a silly thing in 1982, and bought our first dobermann. We called her Kate and it튠 thanks to her it all started, beginning with the Gwent Dobermann Training Club where we was introduced to the world of showing and training dogs.  After a little while we realised as you do she wasnࡠvery good show specimen but we loved her and she lived until she was twelve years old.  

In 1984 we bought our second dobermann who became 羚nt>Champion Crossridge the Carbon Copy at Lynfryds튠 pet name 岴쳰an style="mso-spacerun: yes">  岍 Dogs/Pedigree Petfoods Top Sire 1989, Dobermann Club Top Sire 1990 and 1992.  Sire of UK and Irish Champions, as well as ⾁m. Ch Findjans Outrageㄬ ROM, CGC, CGH, the first Dobermann in the USA to gain his Championship with un-cropped ears.

1986 saw the introduction of ⾃hampion Penny Black of Olderhill at Lynfrydsꠠ to the household, bred by Colin Macloed 宮y硳 brought in primarily for her blood lines, but she went to become our second 衭pion༳pan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Her only litter to Carbon Copy produced 10 puppies, one of which we kept 鮦ryds Penny Farthingꠠ 3 Rccpan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> 

1989 another addition to the family, a Carbon Copy daughter 쥤ig Celica of Lynfrydsꠠ 1CC, 2Rcc, JW.  ꠠ never gained her crown as she damaged a foot that meant she could no longer be shown. Sadly she passed away in 2003 at the age of fifteen years old.

Many of the dogs we have bred have gained CC젒cc࡮d Lynfryds bred bitches have produced both Show and Working Trials Champions.  

In 2004 the two bitches we were campaigning attained their Championship titles; first is ⾃hampion Lynfryds Dominoᠧreat grand daughter of 宮y Black 桭p; Ტon Copyനe second is ⾃hampion Amazon Cheek to Cheek for Lynfryds (JW)䨥 first addition to the family for 14 years.

In 2005 ﭩno⠳on ⾃hampion Lynfryds Valentino (JW)͊ became one of the youngest males in the breed to gain his title at just 17 months old, now retired from the show ring he is proving himself at stud  with many CC, RCC  & JW winners.

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2007/2008  Our latest showgirl Lynfryds Raspberry Beret 1CC, 2 RCC's (Valentino & Cheek to Cheek daughter) seems to be following in her Sire & Dams footsteps (see Megan's page for her latest successes)


Besides the showing side of the breed we also judge, both of us are Championship Show Judges and have had the pleasure of judging some of the UK঩nest dogs & bitches.  

Linda has been involved with the dobermann world in other ways over the years, firstly, with the Welsh Dobermann Club as Show Manager, Vice-Chairman and finally Chairman, and secondly, as Secretary of the Dobermann Breed Council for five years which she relinquished in 2006. 

After many years of showing, working and judging we still enjoy the show scene and consider the Dobermann a magnificent dog.